Man plast in waterbottle female colleague which him outright

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MINNEAPOLIS – A 47-year-old man from the American Minneapolis is accused of several times in the waterbottle, of a female colleague to have urinated. That the man would have done after his advances were brushed aside.

Conrrado Cruz Prezez

Conrrado Cruz Prezez would be from October 2017, regularly the water bottle of his colleague with his own liquid filled. According to the indictment would be the employee of the Perkins Family Restaurant for a few months, have noticed that the water in her water bottle to the urine tasted.

“I just want to be friends’

According to the woman started the water strange tastes after her colleague had told that they are only friends wanted to be, according to CBS Minnesota. Since then, she would be about fifteen times of water to drink with a particular aftertaste.

Perez denied at first that he was in the vial had peed. When researchers said that there also had the opportunity to test for dna, he gave this yet to have done.

Forgotten to throw away’

The man would say just in time in the waterbottle, have urinated because he was going to the toilet was supposed to and it was very busy in the restaurant. Perez, however, would have to forget the bottle and throw it away. Three weeks before the ’let’s be friends’conversation would be the man in the bottle have urinated.

If he is convicted, he may be a maximum of one year imprisonment and a fine of up to $ 3000.

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