‘London escaped a deadly bomb attack’

‘London escaped a deadly bomb attack’

The bomb that in september it is partially gone off in a subway car in the London underground station Parsons Green and the thirty people injured, had to kill. This has a expert Friday testified in the trial against the alleged offender.

The homemade bomb exploded on september 15, in the middle of the morning rush hour. It contained nails, screws, and knives, plus a few hundred grams of TATP, an unstable explosive that jihadists sought after.

‘Four hundred grams of TATP can potentially cause damage and those that are close to a serious injury. They can also be deadly, ” said explosievendeskundige Sarah Wilson for the Old Bailey in London.

All the ingredients for a real bomb to make were indeed present, she added.

On the question of why the springtuig has not worked as anticipated, said Wilson that a number of reasons, such as poorly re-assembled, or has become wet.

In the process, the eighteen-year-old Iraqi Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali, accused of attempted murder and use of explosives. He pleads innocent.

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