Leaked images Temptation Island: Tim goes strange!

b806ad01871cb4d73faf5f85e0462e3e - Leaked images Temptation Island: Tim goes strange!

SPOILER ALERT – Yesterday all seemed to go well with Temptation Island participants, Tim and Deborah, but now we know better! Leaked images of the popular tv-programme show that there is a thick, bold stripe by the faithful canine image of Tim.

Tim and Deborah

To see how the 30-year-old Fleming in the bed creeps in to a seductress and quite a about the wrote. And although Tim has already indicated, ever with his great love Deborah tied the knot to want to steps, he is still fallen for the charms of the beautiful verleidsters.

Looking forward to the full scene? In episode nine will see how Tim within a few seconds transforms of the ideal son-in-law to ordinary imposter.

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