Lassakoorts also makes victims in Liberia

e0d1e687482dee05376217a56df59b94 - Lassakoorts also makes victims in Liberia

MONROVIA – Nigeria is now Liberia was rocked by an outbreak of lassakoorts. Twelve people have died by the dreaded virus infection. That has the chief of the Liberian health service Friday at the staatsradio published. There are so far 28 besmettingsgevallen reported.

Also, Nigeria has suffered from the lassakoorts.

In Nigeria, at least 64 fatalities reported. Other sources speak of 73 fatalities. According to the world health organization (WHO), it’s a fact that until the end of February 317 persons have the disease incurred. They fear expansion.

Lassa, named after the eponymous Nigerian place, belongs with ebola and dengue to the types of fever associated with bleeding.

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