KNVB allows Feyenoord and camp Kongolo in

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The arbitration committee of the Dutch fa (KNVB) has determined that Terence Kongolo is no longer connected to his former business representative Erkan Alkan, that a lawsuit had been filed against Feyenoord, Kongolo and the voetbalagentschap Wasserman, Rob Jansen.

Terence Kongolo (at the front, with sunglasses) in Zeist.

The arbitration committee has Feyenoord, Jansen and Kongolo at all points in the equal. A few weeks back were all the parties towards each other during a nearly six-hour hearing in sacramento.

Alkan claimed 1.5 million commission of Jansen and Wasserman for the transfer of Kongolo to AS Monaco, and believed that Feyenoord also guilty of is that there is a substantial amount of commission is lost.

Alkan claimed that he signed a new contract with the 23-year-old footballer who is loaned out to Huddersfield Town in the Premier League, had ended. On the basis of provisions in that contract he would for millions in commissions can collect and another 50,000 euros for breach of contract by Kongolo.

The player stated that he never had a second makelaarscontract has been drawn. He denied even on the date on which the alleged contract, with Alkan or the Stellar Group (to which this is connected). ,,Because I have that day with the Dutch national team for a match,’ said Kongolo. ,,And I came only at night back in the hotel from the competition.’

The club regrets that it is sucked into the case Kongolo. Feyenoords lawyer Joris van Benthem showed in Zeist all know that the club comply with all the rules, and that he great question asked to the authenticity of a second makelaarscontract. He could not imagine that Kongolo would agree with such terms and conditions.

,,Bizarre, it is also in conflict with the law and regulations of the KNVB,’ says Van Benthem. ,,I have the second agreement, the seen and the last page with his signature is exactly the same as in the first contract, which he no money, surrendering to his agent. The first agreement is with the KNVB and the second is not. The first is valid, the second not.’

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