Judge orders release of Turkish journalists

6af1d33028f71a2dfbf0b2a59c50cbc3 - Judge orders release of Turkish journalists

ISTANBUL – The court in Istanbul has Friday the release ordered Ahmet Sik and Murat Sabuncu, respectively, investigative journalist and editor-in-chief of the oppositiekrant Cumhuriyet.

That has, among other things, the site Hürriyet Daily News reported. They were arrested after the failed coup in the summer of 2016.

The government-Erdogan accused, among others, Sik and Sabuncu its ties with the US living spiritual Fethullah Gulen, according to the Turkish president, the mastermind behind the coup. The two allowed prison leave until a ruling is in the process. Akin Atalay, the chairman of the board of Cumhuriyet, remains attached, in each case until the next hearing on march 16.

The public prosecutors have, in this case, prison sentences to 43 years to be claimed against the members of the critical newspaper. This is according to them “taken over” by the network of Gulen. A total of eighteen employees of the magazine were arrested.

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