Jacob Derwig is quiet from the scrapbook

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Jacob Derwig holds for about 25 years scrapbooks of his career. He keeps this photos, brochures and newspaper articles, plays, and movies where he has played. That told the actor, known for more Penoza, Clamp and Banker of the Opposition, Friday during an interview on NPO Radio 1.

“I am a plakboekman,” he says. “I play for over twenty years. Then there’s a lot to cut, believe me.” The collection of memories will help him against the transience of life. “Especially a play is quickly away if you are done playing. I think it is nice to have reminders to keep it.”

In addition, Derwig quiet of the paste. “I think it is a hobby for me,” he explains. “I am a terugkijker. That is a trait of me that I cherish.” That is also true for the prices that the actor in his life has won. “We have at home is really a prijzenkastje. That should be seen, I’m really proud of.”

Derwig is currently in the cinemas to see in the Banker of the Resistance. He plays with Barry Atsma, the brothers Of Hall, who put together a megafraude committed and in that way in the Second world War, the resistance against the nazis funded. Banker of the Resistance is currently the best visited film in Dutch cinemas.

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