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Irene Moors: “I’m at the peak of my career’

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Irene Moors is very good in her own skin since she made the switch from RTL to SBS. The presenter shines in various primetime programs, and that doing her good. The 50-year-old SBS-star is to say that at the peak of her career.

Irene Moors belonged for years to the best known presentatrices of RTL. Nevertheless, they are especially the rage during zondagmiddagprogramma, while colleagues as well as Wendy van Dijk and Linda de Mol shows on the prime-time slot presented. Then it was not clear if her contract with RTL was extended, she made the move to SBS. And that was, according to Irene is a great choice.


“I’m at the peak of my career. Yes, seriously,” she says to Gerard Ekdom on NPO Radio 2. “I do a quiz, I do a health program and I am now working with Winner Sought.”

Queen of SBS

The programs fly Irene to the ears. You begin almost to wonder where they have all the time comes from. Yet she has never suffered from stress. “I’ve found it extremely to my liking. I find it fun.” Irene remains so still as shine as the queen of SBS.

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