Hulpkonvooi Eastern Ghouta unloaded

0d6d80fbc66229a46d98770a00fa5b82 - Hulpkonvooi Eastern Ghouta unloaded

BEIRUT – A convoy of relief supplies is Friday in the besieged area of Eastern Ghouta near the Syrian capital Damascus has been and all the goods have been unloaded. This has the Red Cross announced. The thirteen trucks have now returned from Douma, the largest town in the years already embattled region.

Eastern Ghouta was once the eastern part of a fertile agricultural area that the nearby Damascus ’fed’. Since the eighties, this green zone more and more dotted with residential estates or suburbs.

According to some estimates, there are still 400,000 people in the mostly desolate places that were in the hands of jihadist groups and since 2013 are under siege.

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