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How the power of money Damso his world cup song took

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Now still have to admit that the pressure would be of the weakness of the witnesses, for example, the president of the Belgian football association last night. “But with six members from the board of directors who openly oppose it, he knew it was over.’

‘We would like to expressly apologize to anyone offended, discriminated against or belittled has felt as a result of our choice for the involved artist. For all the controversy …

‘We would like to expressly apologize to anyone offended, discriminated against or belittled has felt as a result of our choice for the involved artist. For all the controversy and commotion we take the full responsibility.”

After days of perseverance, decided the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) late yesterday night that it was time to battle strike: the controversial rapper Damso would be the song for the football world cup, over several months in Russia, then still not make it. There is even no song more. A striking drastic decision, if you the history know.

Barely a day earlier, Wednesday night late, had the belgian football association is still a very different boodschapde world submitted. ‘At this moment we are unwittingly faced with a polemic, but we wish this not as a hostage, to be and hereby confirm once again our choice, ” she said then. There was even more: ‘Damso, proud father of a daughter, is a young artist with a migrant background in the streets of Kinshasa and later of Brussels growing up. He is an example of integration.’

Then the big question: what did the football association less than 24 hours time radically alter the cart return?

1. Pressure from the board of directors

Omkwart for seven yesterday evening, rolled the first of a total of six e-mail messages received in the mailbox of the president of the football association, the 74-year-old Gérard Linard. Sender was chairman of KV Kortrijk, and a board member at the bond Joseph Allijns. At that time, the board of directors of the football association is in no way over the choice for Damso elated, and she was about that also not consulted. Shortly after his e-mail sent Allijns also a tweet: “As a member of the board of directors of the royal belgian football association, I take the formal distance of the decision of the management in connection with the case Damso’.

After the e-mail of Allijns there followed five, know a well placed source: of board members, Bart Verhaeghe, Robert Huygens, Gilbert Timmermans, Johan Timmermans and Paul Van Der Schueren. ‘After these mails, we received an answer from the president that he is still no decision had been taken, but that next week Tuesday, a meeting would take place. He also wrote that it wasn’t a good idea to make a quick decision. So suddenly to admit would, as a sign of weakness happen, he feared. The pressure is then further increased and a few hours later, following the communiqué’: Damso was of the job.

Six members of the board of directors that, to the public or not, the choice of the bond distanced themselves form: “Then you know as a president is over,” says a board member. “We mix up our normally never in the day to day operation, but now felt everyone that the pressure became too big.’

2. Pressure from sponsors

With the resistance from the board of directors was already an eventful day, preceded, in which one lender after the other, the choice for Damso had disapproved. Several sponsors, including Coca-Cola, Carrefour, ING and BMW, expressed their concerns in a letter and wrote ‘a serious conversation’ to want ‘about the heart of the matter’.

But especially Proximus and AB Inbev drew a line in the sand.

In the federal parliament said Alexander De Croo, minister in charge of Proximus, that he had contact with ceo Dominique Leroy. ‘Proximus is concerned about the choice for Damso and insists on a meeting with the football association, ” he said. ‘Dominique Leroy let me know that they have explicitly distance yourself from this choice, and personally to insist on a change. And I’m 100 percent behind.” The minister had understood that Proximus would even consider sponsorship to the bond to be reviewed as Damso would remain.

And let Proximus, after ING, now just the biggest lender of the football association. According to figures from The Latest News is the telecommunications company every year for 700,000 à 800.000 euros in sponsorship. The other main sponsors, advertising should be allowed on match of the Red Devils and them for campaigns are allowed to bet, each pay 500,000 euros. According to the latest annual report of the association, annually, in total 7.8 million euro in the coffers.

To 18 hours yesterday, shortly before the board in the action shot, also showed AB Inbev to VTM News to know that the company is ” the football association urged its choice to review’. The initial concern was, grew into a hard requirement with potentially severe financial consequences for the football association.

3. International media attention

But why were becoming active now, the sponsors are this week suddenly? The choice for rapper Damso since november known, the controversial content of his lyrics – like: ‘I fuck you like a bitch, even though you wear a headscarf, ” was never a secret.

Ceo Leroy Proximus had at the end of last week, it emerged during a press conference, never heard of Damso heard. They would also not have been aware of the controversy surrounding him. Asked to why the rapper is now suddenly a problem, wants to be a spokesperson of AB Inbev only to say that ” the story has evolved’.

The attention of the media, set in motion by a column of Mia Doornaertin The Standard and opgepookt by the national council of women, undoubtedly plays its role. The multinationals were there yesterday will even be some cause for concern when even The New York Times, The Washington Post and the British newspaper The Guardian’s attention began to devote to the case-Damso, and thus international standing, and threatened to get.

In the articles on the websites of American newspapers – Belgium has scandal brewing over rapper’s World Cup song will especially minister Alexander De Croo on the word, but also the spokesperson of AB Inbev Europe Peter Dercon, who says that his companystands for values’.

Shortly thereafter ordered the Belgian branch know that the nursery had been. And a few hours later, it was Damso his world cup song will be lost.

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