Guardiola fined £ 20,000 for wearing the yellow ribbon

57c66c369e20993aab7b3512be755209 - Guardiola fined £ 20,000 for wearing the yellow ribbon

Josep Guardiola has Friday of the FA, a fine received of £ 20,000, about 22.500 euro. The manager of Manchester City must pay it, because he several times along the line with a yellow ribbon on his chest.

According to the English football association has Guardiola thereby break the rules, because coaches and players have no political messages be allowed to show.

Guardiola wore the ribbon several times during league and cup matches as a support for the arrested leaders of the Catalan independence movement.

The FA has Guardiola also warned for his behavior in the future. If he more often with the little ribbon on his chest, along the line to appear, you can give him that is of a higher fine or a suspension.

The chance is small that that happens. The former coach of FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich gave earlier to the with the FA disagree that the yellow ribbon is a political statement, but wants his club in trouble.

“In my eyes it is not a political expression,” he said earlier. “When people see a pink ribbon to wear, it is in the fight against breast cancer. The same as when I use a badge to wear against prostate cancer. But I want my club to not damage it.”

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