Gordon pays compensation to Erik the Black

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The third edition of Gordon’s controversial biography will be a number of spicy stories less. Because after all his own sister insisted on a correction, now is the Erik the Black modification of demands in Gordon: biography of an entertainer. The management of Gordon late in a statement know to agree with this. In addition, pay the entertainer The Black compensation.

Radio producer and mediaondernemer Erik the Black is demanding a correction, because Gordon, the former presenter of tv show Sterrenjacht accused of favoritism of another candidate. In the biography one can read that the RTL-star in 1989 participated in the talentenprogramma, but that Bob van Niekerk eventually with the profits disappearing. Punched out card, so is Gordon, because The Black was the manager of Van Niekerk.

“The relevant passage is derived from the previously conducted discussion on a punched out card with respect to the winner, which was also in magazine Privé is published”, the management of Gordon to know. “Erik the Black has let us know that he is not a manager of the winner, or was there other business had ties, and that he has no influence on the outcome of Sterrenslag. At the request of Erik the Black, the passage adapted his name from the book deleted.”


Through his lawyer let The Black know that Gordon indeed acknowledge that the passage is incorrect and not in this way had can be written down. In addition, it is stipulated that the entertainer compensation paid to The Black. “It is very to when there in a book accusations are made that the integrity of your person affect. Gordon has things to write that are demonstrably false. That you should not do. Nice that Gordon now in the public admits, but the fact remains that these errors are recorded in up to 60,000 books in the bookcase. Compensation was in place.”

Thursday showed Gordon’s sister Lydia already know to News that certain statements about her and her family not to read more will be in the third printing of the biography. They are referring to the passage in which Gordon claims that the whole family is a victim of sexual abuse would have been. That is, according to her, an insolent lie.


In the modified version appears, according to her, no longer a family photo of the family. That picture had Gordon without the consent of his family. Lydia Heuckeroth threatened previously with a temporary injunction, because the book, according to her untruths. Gordon writes, inter alia, that he in his youth has been abused and that he suspects that his brother and sisters also the victim of that abuse. In addition, Lydia also denied brother Johny that this week with clamp.

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