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Gordon fits biography after criticism

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After heavy criticism of his sister, and Erik the Black on his recently released biography, Gordon decided his book. “At the request of Erik the Black, the passage adapted his name from the book removed,” says the management of the diva to RTL Boulevard.

Since Gordon’s biography has, in the opinion bookstore is almost very well known to the Netherlands on his head. That is without doubt exactly the reason why the copies like hot cakes over the counter fly. Yet, the book according to, among others, his sister full of untruths. Now Erik the Black criticism has been expressed of the book, Gordon decided to make the text partially adapt.

Erik the Black

In the third press is a passage adapted about Sterrenslag. Gordon writes in his biography that the program is rigged. The management of The Black tells now on RTL Boulevard that he was ” not a manager of the winner was, and whether there are other business had ties, and that he has no influence on the outcome of Sterrenslag’.

Gordons sister

Gordon says in the book that there was sexual abuse in the family. There was his sister Lydia is not happy and tensed therefore, a preliminary injunction. The result: also, that passage is no longer in the third edition of Gordon’s biography.

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