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Get Obama’s own show on Netflix?

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Barack and Michelle Obama would be on the verge to conclude a deal with Netflix. That writes The New York Times.

Barack and Michele Obama live no longer in the White House, they are still very loved and popular. The ex-president and his wife diving everywhere to speeches to give, and would now soon have its own tv programme on Netflix.

The deal is not yet around, but according to the American newspaper is Obama is in advanced discussions with Netflix. The show would be inspiring stories on themes that Barack and Michele have always been important, such as climate change and a healthy diet.

“President and mrs. Obama have always believed in the power of stories to tell and pass on,” says Eric Schultz, a former advisor of Obama. “They have always told stories about people who make a difference in this world.”

Or Barack on the screen will be shown, or will occur if the moderator is not yet known. If the deal is get, then it is one of the largest deals in the history of Netflix.

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