Frans Bauer storms in at number 2 album top 100

a7f5eee3ce9325e1faea67eb7feab51b - Frans Bauer storms in at number 2 album top 100

Frans Bauer with his new album sentimental songs, a second place secured in the album top 100. The dolgelukkige singer invites therefore his fans this Saturday in Breda to celebrate, where he will give a performance and albums will sign it.

In his invitation to his fans writes in French: “Fantastic news in the Netherlands and Belgium, my new album sentimental songs at 2! And in between all of that international streaming violence! But also important news for all the fans of tomorrow going to come to the autograph session in a shopping mall Hoge Vucht in Breda! I’m going to sign from 15:00. And of course I also act.”

He continues: “Come all cozy along because we have something to celebrate in the Us lives! Thank you all, thanks to you, my album 2! An incredibly special performance.”

The album lets hear French as he wants to be; a singer of sentimental songs. No cheerful songs more for the singer and tv celebrity but songs. According to French lives that genre is huge in the Netherlands.

Although the 44-year-old singer is happy with his place, it is the first time since 2009 that he’s not on the first place comes with a new album. With his last four plates came.

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