“For 2 million children in danger of starvation’

3b203a5764aa3cae431da0798ab1eaea - "For 2 million children in danger of starvation’

GENEVA – More than two million children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are threatened by starvation. They need immediate assistance, warned the United Nations on Friday.

A senior UN envoy meets next week, donors in the country, where the situation in many areas is becoming more serious. “We have a heavy responsibility in the DRC. We now need to address these issues”, said a spokesman in Geneva.

Especially the region of the Kasai procedure is badly affected. There threatens famine for 300,000 children.

In the Congo, is already a two year war between government forces and rebel troops. As a result, 1.5 million people remain homeless, among whom are a large number of children.

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