’Fighters to leave Eastern Ghouta with family’

0c25d07653e0f47a12a1cd9ba29813a6 - ’Fighters to leave Eastern Ghouta with family’

BEIRUT – Syrian state television last Friday reported that fighters and their families began with the departure from Eastern Ghouta. In this heavily besieged and bombarded enclave to the east of the capital Damascus, to make insurgents the service.

The area that the opponents of president Assad’s control, is becoming smaller.

The tv showed images of people in a bus. The correspondent said that the militants were from Eastern Ghouta through the crossing, al-Wafideen to the side of the Syrian army had come.

Earlier in the day let the Red Cross know that a convoy of thirteen trucks of relief supplies has to be able to deliver in Douma, the largest city in the surrounded region.

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