EU-support of a billion to Ukraine

00c89e2289f9cd111c18ede72a434985 - EU-support of a billion to Ukraine

BRUSSELS – At the request of Ukraine jumps to the EU again at economic stability and structural reforms in the country to promote. The European Commission wants a billion to pull it out.

The EU has since the crisis in 2014, is already 2.8 billion euros in three so-called macro-financial bijstandprogramma’s put into it. This is the fourth program that more prosperity and stability for the citizens in Ukraine.

Terms and conditions

The payouts are linked to all sorts of conditions. So must the fight against corruption on the part of Brussels to be staged. “Our solidarity must go hand in hand with an ongoing, ambitious effort of the authorities in Ukraine,” said EU commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis (financial stability).

The proposal by the member states and the European Parliament to be approved.

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