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Despite the track record of Ferrari: “Mercedes is still by far the fastest team”

788c2d65b738e34d20cdb49c4bf93ffc - Despite the track record of Ferrari: "Mercedes is still by far the fastest team"

The knaltijd of Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari does perhaps suggest otherwise, but according to F1 insiders is Mercedes is currently still the fastest team in Formula 1.

Just go back to yesterday, at the end of the F1-test is featured on Thursday evening the name of Sebastian Vettel at the top with a besttijd of 1:17.182, a new track record! Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes back on the seventh and eighth place, over two seconds behind.

More is not necessary to decide that it is not a correct representation of the correlation of forces is built in the Formula 1. Mercedes is not really suddenly, two seconds slower than Ferrari, and that know one in the F1 paddock, of course. But how are the balances really?

Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel showed yesterday itself immediately understand that there is no early conclusions should be drawn from his besttijd. At the same time, suggested to the German that he was a better performance from Ferrari requires.

Indeed, Vettel may be the besttijd have driven, which in itself says nothing. With the amount of fuel and in what configuration was the car? On which bands? All variables that improve results.

In addition to the try to drop as quickly as possible time to do the F1 teams, also called racesimulaties. It is there with a lot more fuel, went on board, and they try a full race distance, which amounts to about 300 km on a single piece, to drive.

And that racesims which the teams currently most interested in. It shows the potential of an F1 car, under functions, and according to F1 insiders is Mercedes still with large lead, the fastest. According to some, was Mercedes at certain times during the racesimulaties to nearly a second faster than Ferrari and Red Bull.

So it is not surprising that Vettel of Ferrari demands that his car be better to perform. Also at Red Bull, the team of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, they realize that.

“I am sure that Mercedes are still the beat team, and the fastest,” says Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo yesterday, as opposed to ‘Sky Sports’.

Also F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton realises that the track record of Sebastian Vettel on Thursday in the Ferrari, not saying anything.

“I don’t know whether it was a good time,” knipoogde the Mercedes-pilot yesterday to journalists. “It is also the same, these are just test runs and the times are not important, even though it is a track record.”

“We have not yet with low fuel driven, I have no idea how fast our car really is.”

Mercedes still ahead the fastest? So it looks indeed to from, though we will, within two weeks in Melbourne only really know how the balances in F1 are …

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