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Dancing to 3.300 meters

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Tomorrowland can the foreign microbe, but not shake off. After editions in Brazil and America organizes the popular dance festival in march, a sneeuweditie on Alpe d’huez. For the first time, runs the a foreign edition on their own.

The 400,000 tickets for the Belgian edition of Tomorrowland are already since February, the door. Those who still to his annual portion of beats long, there are ski suit should be to attract. In march of 2019 …

The 400,000 tickets for the Belgian edition of Tomorrowland are already since February, the door. Those who still to his annual portion of beats long, there are ski suit should be to attract. In march 2019, the popular dance festival perch in the French Alps for a sneeuweditie that the entire winter sports resort of Alpe d’huez takes over. ‘Tomorrowland Winter’ must have 30,000 music lovers lure.

It was not Tomorrowland itself that went looking for a sneeuwlocatie, says spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen. “We get regular offers of locations that host. So it went also with Alpe d’huez. That process was quite a year: we are first going to scout around what we with the location could commence.’

Tomorrowland is accompanied with fireworks, extreme bass and catching revelers. That no avalanche risk? “We are working together with the people of the resort,” says Wilmsen. ‘That give us counsel about what can and can not. The main stage is anyway at the bottom of the mountain, and the vuurwerkmoment also comes only after all of the piste.” Also on revellers who are drunk or under the influence of great steps, makes Wilmsen’t worry. ‘That you risk in each ski resort. Alpe d’huez also has guards in service for that people if necessary, of the slopes to pick. But we expect simply that the people use their common sense.”

StuBru chase

Tomorrowland is not the first festival that aims to snowmen and -women. It relates to a broader trend: young people who have their ski holidays prefer to associate with music festivals than with polonaises-filled après-ski. How to organise Studio Brussels for ten years already Snowcase (17 to 24 march in Val Thorens), with the 1.000 listeners, together with some Belgian artists and presenters to a ski area shipped in 2016 made the station there is a very Tomorrowland-esque aftermovie of.

Also festivals such as Snowbombing (5 to 9 april in Mayrhofen) or Snowboxx (17 to 24 march in Avoriaz) have already had a good reputation. When the latter in 2015 to stop holding in Alpe d’huez, played 2manyDJ’s there to dance. The difference with Tomorrowland is in the numbers: where such sneeuwfestivals targeting about 5,000 visitors, Tomorrowland for 30,000 people. “That just makes it a bit more complex than a dj booth in the mountains,” says Wilmsen. “But we rent the entire area of Alpe d’huez, so that should definitely happen.”

Stage of 3,300 metres

This choice also ensures that seasoned Festival-goers pitched their tents can be left at home. Visitors can enjoy in the apartments, B&B’s or hotels near the ski resort. That choice also has an impact on the ticket price: for four days you pay at least 685 euro, for seven days, 825. Who wants to can save on skis. “We also organize activities for people who are not skiing, and almost everything is accessible by foot or using the lifts. With the exception of one stage on the peak (at 3.300 meters in height, red). There, you can go with the lift, but the descent on skis and the best technically.’

Following previous editions in Brazil and the United States begins to Tomorrowland this again on a foreign adventure. The bankrupt former business partner, SFX allows the organisation to this time had everything in hands to keep. That means that the festival for the first time, also carries risks. “Since we are aware of,” says Wilmsen. “But we have also learned a lot from the previous editions. Moreover, we can with our own work team to the Tomorrowland-DNA as well as possible to the Alps.” One thing is for sure: the beer there will be at least as cold.

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