’Cyber attack was Playing the ” false flag’

00a5ba73437a8d03bf8b0792251b47e4 - ’Cyber attack was Playing the " false flag’

PYEONGCHANG – The cyber attack on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter games was a feint. The perpetrators acted as if she North Korean, Russian and Chinese hackers, says a security guard Kaspersky. The Russian company says not to know who is behind the attack sit. You pretend to be someone else is a ’false flag’.

The attack is performed with a malicious program (malware) that Olympic Destroyer is called. Thus fell the wi-fi off during the opening ceremony and did some scenes not. Also was an olympic site from the air, so that spectators no tickets were printed. With ski slopes in the area worked gates and lifts not more.

The Olympics were in South Korea, so was the arch-enemy North Korea immediately mentioned as a possible culprit. Also Russia was called, because that country is not, by itself, could participate in the Games.


In the malware, according to Kaspersky found a code that is used by Lazarus, a shadowy computer hacker group associated with North Korea. Lazarus would also be responsible for gijzelsoftware WannaCry, a major intrusion at Sony and few large digital bankroven. In addition, in Olympic Destroyer traces have been found of the suspected Russian group Fancy Bear and the Chinese cyberspionnengroepen Gothic Panda, MenuPass, and IXESHE. According to Kaspersky were that ‘fingerprints’ is deliberately used “to hunters to give the impression that they evidence had been found, so that they will be the path to the real culprit would be led.”

Another security guard, Talos, had earlier also said that there are traces of Russian and North Korean codes were found. The indications are, however, very weak and there is no conclusive evidence, warned the company. Talos warned already for the fact that the attack is sometimes a ’false flag’ might be.

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