‘Brexit may lead to food shortages in Britain’

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The director of the port of Calais says sounding the alarm. If the Brexit strict customs in his port, that according to him lead to monsterfiles and possibly even food shortages in Britain.

The long queues that truck drivers already have to endure in the port of Calais for the ferry to Great Britain, are already legendary. When the Brexit, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, a fact is, that will only get worse.

That fear havendirecteur Jean-Marc Puissesseau, therefore, the British prime minister Theresa May has summoned urgently to take a decision about the border controls. They should be according to the havendirecteur avoid that the borders of the United Kingdom after the Brexit even firmer lock to be thrown.

“The British must realize how serious the situation is. There is a lot of talk about the border between the United Kingdom and Ireland, but the economic impact of the problems that Calais will have, are definitely ten times as large, ” says Puissesseau against The Guardian.

Kilometre-long queues

“If the Brexit means that all the trucks for the crossing are subject to strict customs controls, the queues up to 50 km long. However, almost three-quarters of all the food that Britain imports comes from the European Union’, continued Puissesseau. ‘If there are such long queues, then all the food is already rotten even to the other side of The Channel has been reached.’

The port of Calais is currently up to 300 trucks per hour to process. However, there are now sometimes queues of up to ten hours. In July 2015 were some trucks even three days. In addition, the next three years, a further 700 million euros have been invested to the port to expand further.

Urgent attention

Puissesseau: “All our expansion plans are drawn up with the growing population of Britain in mind. If there are more people, there must be a lot more to be imported. But then came the Brexit, and all the conditions have changed.’

The haventopman is not the only urgent attention of the British and French authorities require. Multinationals like DHL and Airbus have been behind the call itself. That last threatened even with all of its operations in the United Kingdom to stop if it is not quickly clear how the border will look like after Brexit.

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