Boekenbal for Griet op de Beeck unreal

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’Unreal’, called Griet op de Beeck her festive entrance on the Boekenbal in Amsterdam. The Flemish writer was a guest of honor because this year, the Boekenweekgeschenk has written. “It is my first Boekenbal and I find it an extraordinary honor to be here.”

Brill confessed that they do not so much with the theme of the book week. “That is the area of Jan Terlouw which is a very important essay has written,” she said prior to the festivities in the Theatre. They find it very important that attention is paid to the warming of the earth. “For which we all continue to look away, while the situation is very serious.”

In her book, Given the facts, that next week is available at the bookstores during the book week, has Brill especially the story written in that they found that they had to write. The nature showed them to Terlouw. “I think that people are otherwise very would smell that something is not right.”

Jan Terlouw called it “very honorable” that he the essay this year might write. “The theme is close to my heart,” he said. “Firstly, because I have a lot of nature hold, and second, because I’m concerned about the nature. I hope to contribute in both areas.”

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