After suspension Hit! acknowledge Gatz Topradio if mesh radio

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The Flemish government has today taken note of the decision of the Minister of Media Sven Gatz to the recognition of the nv Topradio if network wireless. The decision follows on the schorsingsarrest of the Council of State at the end of February that Hit! from the ether of his career.
On september 15, 2017 was nv CFM, known under the nickname Hit!, recognized as a network broadcaster. The decision fits in with the reform of the station from scratch that makes room for four new commercial semi-rural stations.
Topradio, who finished second in the ranking, brought an action to the suspension, and destruction to the Council of State against this decision. The radio station argues that the assertion in the dossier of Hit! that the broadcaster is a partnership with the women’s magazine Flair has, is not consistent with the reality. Hit! so it has lied.

The Council of State follows that reasoning and said the suspension of the recognition on 22 February 2018. This was to be communicated to the Flemish government on 5 march 2018. As a result, the use of frequencies granted to zendvergunningen to Hit! suspended, pending the final judgment. The Flemish Regulator for the Media has already Hit! asked her broadcasts to cease.

Today, 9 march 2018, is decided minister of Media Sven Gatz to the recognition for the frequentiepakket 3 to Topradio. Minister Gatz wait for the final decision of the Council of State so not.
Sven Gatz: “On the basis of the judgment of the Council of State, we can’t help but notice that the file Hit! a fundamental element is not correct. A solid cooperation with Flair is missing, what’s essential was seen there in the file there is “structural agreement” and the baseline “RADIOMETFLAIR” of Hit! common. According to the principle “fraus omnia corrumpit” (fraud breaks everything) the dossier can no longer reasonably be assessed. It is therefore excluded from the assessment of the candidates for package 3. De facto, the recognition then to the second ranked candidate, NV Topradio.”

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