The Tanning over the leaked tactics: ‘Outrageous’

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by Robin Jongmans – Erwin of Tanning has no good word to say about the people who the sheets of his tactical discussion have leaked. On social media, appeared in the hours before the semi-finals of the KNVB cup, the complete plan of approach that the people of tilburg in the final.


The sheets of paper with arrays and pointers, hung in a closed conference room of a Hague hotel, and are therefore presumably by hotel staff itself. The supporters of Feyenoord shared the find mass, making the End all of everything could have been.
,,Like that by someone of the hotel is done, then it is the last time that we are been’, says Of the Tanning. ,,Outrageous, especially because we often have been. But there was not in that we today have lost. As well as on the sheets to be read, you have to get yourself to get the feel in the duels. You don’t need to kick, but it should be really to the bin. This is a semi-final, you will not get a second chance, you must just stand. The chance to have a final to play, you do not get so often at Willem II.’


Of the Tannin, saw that his team, the chances for Feyenoord to squeak and creak too often left out. ,,And that frustrates. You know where they can hurt and in a matter of just a few short moments you’ll see that back. But we do it in a game as today too few’, says the coach, who is his second cup final in three years misliep. In 2015 won Of the Tannin, the cup with FC Groningen.



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