Sister drag Gordon to the court for ’lies’ in book

131d36f40a19c48b44941d29a857b1b0 - Sister drag Gordon to the court for ’lies’ in book

As expected, the new biography of Gordon raised some dust. In Gordon, biography of an entertainer is almost no one spared, and also about his family members do the RTL-star a book open. Sister Lydia, don’t sit and drag Gordon to the right.

The presenter and former singer reveals in the book that as a child he sexually abused and says suspicions that almost all of his brothers and sisters, the same is to happen. To News let Lydia know that there is more of that story nothing is true. “Who is he to put down in that book, without asking us or the us’s happened? It is not true. You can’t just put something down and come up with. That whole ’thinking’ about the family, what he writes, is for seventy percent lied. And that hurts. He put my parents down like a piece of dirt.”

In the biography is also to read that immediately after the death of Gordon’s mother, Marie, in 2010, one of the attendees around the deathbed of her purse with 250 euro content might have been stolen. The same would also apply for Maries diary, in which they include giving away family secrets would have been kept. “He suspects that someone that red diary has been stolen. He suspects that one of his sisters, the wallet of mommy has emptied. Maybe he did, because my brother is a pathological liar. I’m just done with it, I just want that the truth is told. And not a book full of lies.”

News reports that Lydia is now a lawyer has taken, because she was her brother for the right want to days. Her goal is to from the shelves to get the book. Salient detail: Lydia has the same lawyer as Gordons ex, doctor in training, Kevin B., that the entertainer recently also for the judge dragged.

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