‘Yana of Temptation Island did verdrinkingspoging’

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‘Yana of Temptation Island did verdrinkingspoging’

Yana has Temptation Island leave

Temptress Yana Daems has the RTL program Temptation Island will have to leave after a violent collision with another participant in the pool, so that almost would have been drowned.


The Belgian newspaper The Latest News has spoken with an anonymous member of the program. That person claims that the blonde had been drinking and that the situation is completely out of hand is out in Thailand.

Yana in water…

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“Yana got into a debate embroiled with a temptress and held the head of that girl was so long under water in the pool that she almost drowned,” said the source. “That was the final straw, Yana had to leave.”


That’s the drop was, it would be because Yana is continuously the source of quarrels and she would the atmosphere mess things up. “By Yana’s gestook was difficult in a pleasant way tv. The production team then has the verleidsters addressed, after which it was decided that Yana had opkrassen.”

The 23-year-old nagelstylist himself has called the program has left, because she was bored.

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