Why everyone thinks that Peter Van de Veire is gay?

Peter Van de Veire is already for many years, by many people regarded as someone who is for the men. Yet it is Peter Van de Veire is a heterosexual man with three adult daughters. Why everyone thinks that the presenter is gay?

Peter Van de Veire tells Radio 1 that he basic hygiene blame. He deems something to be more hygienic than the average guy and perhaps people think, therefore, that he is gay? Fact is also that he is a long time very quiet about his private life. Until recently, knew almost no one that Peter Van de Veire three adult daughters.

Of course, comments on he already for many years the Eurovision song contest which is still very linked to the gay community, says Peter Van de Veire on Radio 1.

Of the Veire find it a little crazy that he always hears that he’s gay, but there are to disturb, he does not. “Then it is all but so,” he decides at Radio 1.

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