Virginia Rens place store on ebay

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Virginia Rens tries from Tuesday via an ad on ebay, her shop to wear. For a sloppy twenty thousand dollars was the clothing store of yours.

Opening clothing store, Virginia van Eck partner, Peter Jan Rens in Leerdam, the netherlands.

“Do you want a store with low sales charge and is equal to earn then this is your chance! We offer our shop because we are going to expand”, says the ad. At the beginning of January opened Virginia a second shop in Zaltbommel.

In the text it is stated that the shop has a low price, which it is almost impossible to go broke’. It is also said that it is a ’running shop’, what is somewhat remarkable is seen there this summer, a bailiff threatened to seize on the matter in Leerdam, the netherlands.

A potential buyer can also count on acquisition of the Facebook page, the directory where those for next to nothing can make purchases and the store name over it. In addition, it is indicated that there is always to negotiate about the price.

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