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Vandoorne: “Despite problems with a positive first F1 test”

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After Fernando Alonso Monday also saw Stoffel Vandoorne yesterday technical problems a spanner in the works throw during the second F1 test day in Barcelona.

Despite the fact that he yesterday for the third time left a draw was Stoffel Vandoorne no further than 37 rounds on a cold Circuit de Catalunya, a loose exhaust was the culprit. They want at McLaren their target goal of one hundred rounds per day realize they need to seriously to the bin on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Unfortunately, we had a small problem with the mounting of the exhaust,” said Vandoorne. “That made sure that the exhaust came loose, and hot air breathed on certain parts of the wiring of the car.”

“One of the conscious harness was that of the brakes and therefore wanted the team as a precaution a few things to check. It is clear that that lasted longer than foreseen.”

Vandoorne set his fastest time on the ‘hypersofts’, the new compound of Pirelli, and there they had at McLaren, for good reason. It is the bandencompound that under the very cold conditions the easiest temperature to obtain.

“In these cold conditions, it is difficult for the tires to get it up and that works best with the softer species.” says our compatriot. “Every time we are inside and outside drive (for short aerotesten) lose the ties a lot of temperature and also that they are not made to be used under these circumstances to work.”

“The track was very cold and humid, it took some time before everyone well and left. We have of that time benefited to what aerowerk to do and what data to collect.”

“By the time the job better was we have a few faster laps to complete to make the car a bit easier to understand. The first impressions were very positive. The car felt good, we are no surprises encountered, and we have learned a lot.”

It was also a first acquaintance with the Renault engine for Vandoorne and everything went very smoothly.

“Everything feels very good, and the driveability of the power to feel good. Everything we change is running out as we expect and more is there not to tell,” decided Vandoorne.

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