Tv Family laughs with Karen Damen

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Today it is apparently a sport to laugh with “Karen makes a plate,” or the album “A different track” of Karen Damen. For one reason or another, find famous people like to be Karen through the mud to pick up, and that is also a Tv Family not escaped. “Schadenfreude”, “Wow, this is really painful” and “Even Nathalie Meskens laughs with Karen Damen…” are the titles of Tv Family this week. Against The Stars, The Ideal World, and even Peter Van den Berge from The Sky Is The Limit take Karen Damen on the grain. The low ratings of “Karen makes up a plate” are what they are but no one who publishes how many people are online and or postponed to “Karen makes up a plate” look. And that there are quite a lot of our editors heard. “If someone on his face and goes, there automatically laughed,” says Jelle De Beule in Tv Family. Also in “Against The Stars” was there laughing with Karen Damen but Chris Van Espen says in Tv Family that this sketch already for the first episode of “Karen makes up a plate” was recorded. “I hope for her that it is a success,” says Van Espen in Tv Family. “But it is always better and funnier when you have a sketch consider around something that is not perfect. Also don’t forget that Karen Damen is a large name, and that in the media these kind of things are often unnecessarily magnified. And you need to her credit, I think. Because her career is a success story,” he concludes.

Tv’s Family on Wednesday about the fact that “Karen makes up a plate” 1 spot at iTunes. “A few days later, it was her cd was unfortunately already to 10 geduikeld, and it would be punishment if he is now in state… “, we read in Tv Family that on Wednesday, will appear. And there goes the Tv Family is completely out of the bend as “A different track” is still in the top 10 and even 2. Only MNM Big Hits 2018.1 to do it on iTunes better. In other words: Karen Damen scores currently better than Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, Gers Pardoel and many others at iTunes. But something good to write about Karen Damen, that reading is not a cat and so bc the media are keen on the former red-light district of Q3.

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