Turkey adheres to the offensive in Afrin

6d6f905b69faf8e630a49954f9f896d2 - Turkey adheres to the offensive in Afrin

ISTANBUL – Despite sharp criticism of the United States feels Turkey is not bound by the UN resolution on a ceasefire in Syria. The country is going to be offensive to continue against the Kurdish YPG militia in Afrin.

Turkey does not see himself as one of the warring parties and performs in the northern Syrian region of Afrin, a fight against “terrorist organizations”, said the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara on Wednesday. In addition, Afrin in the text of the resolution is not explicitly mentioned as a region where the humanitarian situation is still worrying.

Ankara reacted to statements of the American spokesperson of the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Who stressed Tuesday that the UN cease-fire across Syria’s demands, and advised Turkey to the resolutietekst re-read.

Turkey sees the YPG as a Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdish workers Party PKK and thus a terrorist organization.

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