Thursday, the last Ex-Gangster on FOUR

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November 14, 1994. The gang Vanhamel state for the kidnapping of Anthony De Clerck for the assize court in Ghent. The process takes six weeks and is followed by national and international press. Justice to set an example. The assisenzaal for the process of a total make-over. Neither cost nor effort are spared.

December 22, 1994 following the ruling. Lifelong. Danny ignites in anger at hearing his sentence. Immediately after the judgment creates a public debate about the penalties. Professor in the criminal justice Brice De Ruyver, that at the end of last year unexpectedly died, has called the conditions under which the process took place a blamage for the Belgian justice and a total farce. Was the jury influenced? Some judges violate the secret of the deliberations and declare that they were pressured by the president: “we will continue to sit here until he lifelong. You can have turkey to eat instead of under your christmas tree.’

In this latest installment looks at Danny Vanhamel back on his trial and his punishment. Until the day of today, he continues to struggle with his condemnation. He recalls painful exactly how he Marina early in order to build a future without him and realize that he his two small sons would never see grow up. But also how he in 2004, early free and with the ankle, again, the place should look within his own family. Or the time that Vanhamel just Danny.

Ex-Gangster, Thursday, march 1, to 21u35 on FOUR.

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