The netherlands has a new prince is the illegitimate son forces recognition af

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Hugo Klynstra (21), the illegitimate son of the Dutch prince Carlos, has the right to the name of his father and his noble titles. That the Council of State has decided.

Klynstra made in march 2015 use of his legal right to a name change request and now as His Royal Highness prince Carlos Hugo Roderik Sybren de Bourbon de Parme life. He will as such also be registered with the High Council of Nobility. The then minister of Security and Justice’s request Klynstra granted.

But Klynstra’s father Carlos, the eldest son of princess Irene, the sister of princess Beatrix, has always been legal opposition to the request of his son. Without success. The Council of State was his last chance. The highest administrative judge also ruled in favor of the non-recognized son. Further appeal is not possible any more.

That does not mean that Klynstra immediately otherwise called. There is a Royal Decree is needed for that, but that seems a formality. Even though this is a signature of king Willem-Alexander, the cousin of prince Carlos.

Klynstra will then have the title of prince and should be addressed by your Royal Highness. The amendment would also not say that Klynstra become a member of the Royal House of Bourbon-Parma. “This is a private from the House itself, there goes the Dutch adelsrecht not over,” says the Council of State.

Relationship Carlos and Brigitte Klynstra

Klynstra was in 1997, born from a relationship between his mother Brigitte and Carlos. The Dutch prince has never denied that Hugo is his son, but wanted the boy does not officially recognise. The then 26-year-old Carlos would be terrified of the pregnancy of Brigitte, who was at that time 38 years old. According to prince Carlos was an “independent decision” of Birgitte Klynstra to be a mother to be. Shortly after the birth did he know that he is not recognized as a son.

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