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The contrast is great: Five years ago, fought them against each other to the preserve, now fighting Beerschot and Cercle to promotion

392cdafb4afe9983398e0228f6e648bd - The contrast is great: Five years ago, fought them against each other to the preserve, now fighting Beerschot and Cercle to promotion

In 2013 competed (then) Beerschot AC and Cercle Brugge against each other to preserve in first-class. Now, almost five years later, around the circle and make the two clubs among each other who is promoted to the Jupiler Pro League. Beerschot lost at the time of the battle for relegation, the club was a month later declared bankrupt, and was resurrected as KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk. Except for revenge, can the inhabitants of antwerp Belgian football history with a fifth time in a row to graduate.

Beerschot Wilrijk

04/03 15:00

Cercle Brugge

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Great contrast with five years ago, so when the two clubs among each other were those who had to demote. Now fight the two to promotion. In the 2012-2013 season were Beerschot AC and Cercle Brugge relegated to Play-off 3, where the system of best-of-five, was used. Green-and-black ended up in the regular season last with 14 points, Beerschot was a place higher with 23 points, therefore, were the inhabitants of antwerp three bonus points in PO3. But even with that bonus they managed not to Cercle.

Beerschot AC won the first match, but that was it. Cercle was the strongest in the three subsequent matches and scored as nine points compared to six for the inhabitants of antwerp. The bay of Kiel rats had after 24 seasons in first-class downgrade, but were not licensed. This was followed by the bankruptcy. Beerschot AC ceased to exist, roll number 3530 was deleted. The supporters stepped up massively to KFCO Wilrijk that changed its name to ‘KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk’.

KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk played in 2013 in the first provincial. In the meantime, they managed to four seasons in a row to graduate. They went successively to the fourth class C, third to the class B first amateur class and first class B. Thus, they wrote all Belgian football history, but now have the Kiel rats so the chance to have a fifth promotion in a row on top of to do.

The club relegated two seasons later anyway

Green-black had in 2013, after the win in Play-off 3 against Beerschot, once again proved themselves in the finals against three first graders (Mouscron-Peruwelz, Westerlo and the Woluwe) and did so with aplomb. The Team won that finals and extended their stay in first class.

Two seasons later relegated green-black. Cercle lost in the season 2014-2015 Play-off 3 of Lierse SK (now in 1B). The first two seasons in the Proximus League were not flawless. Both in the season of 2015-2016 as in the season 2016-2017 could the club only the second to last day, insuring the preservation. But now they seem to be their turn to have found and fight them to promotion.

Battle for promotieticket to the Jupiler Pro League

KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk finished only fifth in the Proximus League, but it was thanks to their first place after the first period, certainly from the finals. The club picked up the win in the second period and is thus the opponent of Beerschot.

The bay of Kiel rats ended up the lowest of the two and should, therefore, start in your own home on Sunday, march 4 (16h), the second leg will be played on Saturday 10 march (20h) in Jan Breydel. No longer a best-of-five or einderondes so, the winner of the double duel was promoted directly to 1A.

The importance of the match for both clubs is clear, Beerschot Wilrijk departed 19 February in preparation for an internship to Spain. Cercle left a day later, team to De Panne. Marc Brys is in a sold-out Olympic stadium for the mind-blowing command to take revenge on the loss of five years ago. Also Frank Vercauteren is with the Club for a mind-blowing job, they need to Beerschot, a fifth promotion in a row.

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