Tears at Alloo in the night

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Episode 8 of Alloo in the Night, there is one of extremes. From the hustle and bustle on the erotic fair and the festivities in a danscafé pulls Luk to Antwerp, where he had to 02.30 hours the rest to look up at Dirk. The 62-year-old man is seriously ill and chooses, very consciously, for euthanasia. “I’m always a nachtmens. But now at night I have to wait. Waiting for the death”, he shows. “Why I’m for euthanasia choose? I want my mind clear. The pain is constantly present. I need to get me through the hours drag. My body is on. On February 17, I give a party, on 25 February the doctor me a syringe. It is said that I am young, but I find that I have a rich life you’ve had.”
To midnight Luk in Brussels a meeting with a graffiti artist. Antea, does street art and prefers the night to its inspiration. Luk also gets in on the erotic fair, which is a week and a half ago in Antwerp. He talks with organiser Nicole and some of the exhibitors, but also with avid swingers and cautious and inquisitive. “What strikes me is the enormous openness,” says Luk. “Ten years ago it was still taboo and now it is like the Aldi or Delhaize.”

In Berchem joined Luk Alloo at 2 o’clock at night, the revelers of danscafé The Memories. “I’m raised in the night,” says the dj. “Of my 16 I’ve been in nightclubs. In the past I stayed up 3 days awake, now I try in between to rest.” Also feestvierder Mark loves the nightlife. “There is always something to do at night. Than see and do things that the daylight may not see.”

Alloo in de night, Thursday, march 1, at 21.20 hours on VTM.

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