Teacher arrested after shooting at school Georgia

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Dalton – less than a week after the American president Donald Trump called for the arming of teachers, a teacher has Wednesday, shots fired at a high school in the north of the U.s. state of Georgia.

The man has been arrested after he hid in a classroom. Parents were called, especially not to the school. There hit, no one injured, and according to the local police, would the students have no time in danger. Why the man shot, remains unclear.

Trump last week said Wednesday that he thinks the arming of teachers and can contribute to netherlands, such as at a school in Florida can be prevented. There shot a former student two weeks ago seventeen people dead.

The president also gave straight away that the plan is controversial. “We are going to look very good to look at. Many people will be against it, and I think also a lot of people it’s a good idea will be to find.”

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