Survivors MH17 angry at Wilders

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Amsterdam – The relatives of the victims of the aviation disaster to ” with the MH17 are furious, Geert Wilders. The politician wears a vriendschapsspeldje during his visit to Russia.

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“The Russian federation is involved in the murder of 298 civilians. The stress of friendship with Russia by a Member of parliament is inappropriate.”

Geert Wilders tweette tonight a picture of a pin on his lapel with a Dutch and a Russian flag with the text. “I wear it here with pride. A Russian-Dutch vriendschapsspeld.”

Piet Team of the foundation for aviation disaster to ” MH17: “We demand apologies from Wilders, this can be really not. That he Russia love explains, while Russia is involved in the disaster. It fits a very different attitude.”

“The Foundation of aviation disaster to” MH17 approves the action of mr. Wilders with strength,” writes the foundation on Twitter.

Thomas Schansman, that his son lost, writes on Twitter: “What a disgusting expression! A Dutch member of parliament to be unworthy! 17 July 2014 was #MH17 out of the sky shot and my son murdered by the Russians.”

In the disaster with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 were 298 people killed when the aircraft over Ukraine, with a likely Russian rocket was shot down.

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