’Son-in-law Trump loses access state secrets’

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WASHINGTON – Jared Kushner can no longer get the full access to the top secret information from the White House. That report, both the New York Times,Politico, and the BBC on the basis of anonymous sources. Earlier, the son-in-law and right hand of president Donald Trump access the most sensitive information from the security services of the United States. Now, however, there will be a great part for him to be shielded.

Only a handful of people will get admission to all of the “top secret” information from the United States to look into. Jared Kushner was one of them. Now those rights, however, has been taken away. That means that he has several documents with sensitive information can no longer be read. Among others, the ’Daily Letter’, a daily secret report of the intelligence services will now for him, protected remain. Or Kushner from his position as a political advisor for his father-in-law to belong will be able to perform, remains to be seen.

Kushner, the husband of Trumps daughter, Ivanka, is not the only one who is the unlimited access to the most secretive information lose. Several employees who before admission had the highest level, the so-called SCI-level, were Friday in an internal memo to hear that their status is downgraded. Quite a lot of sensitive information from intelligence services is for them now shielded.


The decision comes during an investigation of Kushner and any other personalities. That would incorrectly get access to the most sensitive information of the country, without the FBI, they are first fully screened. Therefore, we have decided general John Kelly to a new scandal in the White House to prevent, and the temporary provisional duties already in the draw.

“The American people deserve a team in the White House that meets the highest requirements. The employees need to be carefully examined, especially those close to the president working and dealing with sensitive national veiligheidsinlichtingen,” said Kelly earlier. “We would – and will in the future – better to do.”

Right decision

Donald Trump can, in theory, that decision itself contradict and his son-in-law the full access to the secret information. Friday he left, however, during a press conference know that he does not want to interfere in the matter. “I will let general Kelley to make a decision about”, the president said then. “I am really sure that he made the right decision.”

The decision comes in a turbulent period for son-in-law Kushner. After all, there is a research to him on the swing, as he attempts to foreign funding for his real estate business during the presidential transition in fifteen countries, including Russia.

Anyway let the White House know that they have the confidence to keep in the right hand of the president. They don’t want to respond to the revoked rights, but on the fact that they are still as important part of the team at work. “Jared does a good job. He is a valued member of our team and he will be important work to continue, just as he has been doing since the beginning,” responded spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tuesday.

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