So upgrade you for free to business class

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Amsterdam – The British author Tilly Bagshawe has tips to get a free upgrade to businessclass seats on the plane.

With a little bit of pushing yourself, then you get a free upgrade on the plane

According to the reisjournaliste you have but two words need to be in one phone call your standard tickets free to book in to first class.

And with that you get a sea of legroom, other drinks and better food. Everyone would be more luxurious want to fly, only the difference for yourself bijlappen but a few are sure about.

According to Bagshawe starts the luxurious life with a phone call to the customer service of the airline. “Against them you say the two magic words: ‘revenue management’. That, for me, has always worked,” explains the writer from Business Insider. “Concretely, you ask,” or revenue management already places in the first class release’.”

Then ask you actually to the service, which decides how many upgrades there will be offered for a particular flight. They decide on that figure, while they look at what is best for their revenue. Sometimes, they decide to get people to move to first class, so that there are spots in the economy are released, which is often easier sold get. In that way, they will do everything to make as much as possible, chairs to fill, writes het Nieuwsblad.

By that term to the phone to report, you indicate that your knowledge of the business and that you know that there are such places release. “If they don afwimpelen and say that there is still not be freely given, then you leave it again check out” the writer as a tip. “It Is still a ‘no’? Ask if they will take you directly want to transfer the call with “revenue management” and check it with the service itself. If they also say that this is not the case, then you should definitely ask why.”

“If the flight is already full: then you have bad luck. Better next time. But if the carrier still seats available, then you can them ask the man: ‘Why don’t you give the upgrades are not free, as there are still so many places?” At the end of the conversation, the chances are that there is still a seat for you has been first class”.

Both with KLM as American Airlines had to say each time you upgrade. Completely free of charge. “One time they have me the next day only to be called back, to say that one is vacant. But until now has always 100% success!”

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