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Snow disrupts third F1 test day in Barcelona: Alonso fastest

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The third day of the first F1 wintertest is a measure for nothing has. in the morning there was not ridden because it snowed and in the afternoon there was barely a handful of laps. Alonso drove the fastest time.

Just as during the second test day was today, during the third test day, the lunch break shall be deleted to the teams as the chance to be in spite of the bad weather conditions as many miles to. And that the weather conditions were bad turned out this morning already, it had indeed snowed in Barcelona.

Would normally the third test day at 9am to start but because of the snow, and the fact that the rescue helicopter could not take off. After hours of waiting the light went to the end of the pitlane around noon, then at green, and could the testing finally begin.

The droogweerbanden able, however, to be set aside because, of course, was the track wet. For the teams a good opportunity to get the wet tyres to test at very low temperatures. In the past it was often noted that it was difficult to get sufficient temperature in the rain tires to get. Today, plenty of time to test out the new rubber from Pirelli operating temperature more quickly hit.

The snow had changed into rain, but it still took until about 13h before we finally got quite a bit of cars on the track saw. Fernando Alonso was the first in the orange McLaren MCL33 on the job, and then a few other riders followed.

The number of rounds that was driving it was, however, very scanty, not surprising given the very bad weather conditions. Alonso drove into the McLaren eventually the fastest time, although there of course is nothing to conclude. The Spaniard drove more laps than all the other riders together.

Rash day 3 in Barcelona:
1. F. Alonso McLaren 02:18.545 11
2. D. Ricciardo Red Bull 00:00.000 4
3. B. Hartley Scuderia Toro Rosso 00:00.000 2
4. M. Ericsson Sauber 00:00.000 1
5. R. Kubica Williams 00:00.000 1

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