’Shooting High School Arizona prevention

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SAN TAN VALLEY – The authorities of Arizona have last week two teens were arrested who were linked to the threat of a ’mass shooting’ at the Combs High School in San Tan Valley, Arizona. The duo would be on the crowdfund account GoFundMe money collected to buy ammunition. Then they would have the school turned upside down’ shoot.

The two fifteen-year-olds would with any other student about it yet. The intention was to have a weapon to school. According to the authorities, would be one of the students threatened to have the serial number of the gun to pick up in order to use in the high school. The other student would, the GoFundMe page set up.

“On the inzamelingssite was explained that the ammo is expensive and they wanted money to collect, to produce Combs High School ‘a torrent of pop”, says the spokesperson of the sheriff, Navideh Forghani, at KNXV-TV. However, the first student would be completely unable to access a weapon have had, but the second is correct, however, according to the authorities. He told the agents that he had no idea who the crowdfundpagina had made. The site has now been removed.


“There is no money collected and that page is now of our platform removed”, says the statement from GoFundMe. “Also, the ‘campaign manager’ banned from our site. It is against our terms and conditions to raise money for ammunition.”

The remarkable thing about it is that just about three hundred students last Friday in a mars walked out to the recent victims of the Douglas-shooting support. Nowhere was there anything reported about the threat of the teenagers. This report Combs Courier.

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