“She loved a girl for so long under water that she almost drowned’

bf86cbbae9b6b11560efbcb3b20df0ee - "She loved a girl for so long under water that she almost drowned’

If we Belgians are allowed to believe is the reason behind the departure of a seducer Yana Daems from Temptation Island many times heavier than what the busty 23-year-old nagelstylist has declared. Earlier she said that she left the Thai island because they are ’bored’.

A source let know to The Latest News: “Yana is not himself left, they implement the leave, because they have the atmosphere spoiled. She lay in the clinch with another temptress, and demanded that that girl is only with her heart and not with the other verleidsters. That were allegedly false and jealous. When is the quantity explodes. By Yana’s gestook was difficult in a pleasant way tv. The production team then has the verleidsters addressed, after which it was decided that Yana had opkrassen.”

Almost drowned

The Flemish newspaper also does a very shocking revelation about an incident as a result of a claim of an employee of the program. “It is true that the situation is completely out of hand. Yana had one night, drunk too much, got in a fierce debate embroiled with a temptress and held the head of that girl was so long under water in the pool that she almost drowned. When it was clear that action had to be. That was the final straw, Yana had to leave,” says someone of the Temptation Island crew.

Also temptress, Billy confirms that it is not only long live the lol was on the Thai island: “There wáren a lot of tension between the girls. After Yana suddenly left, we got no further explanation. And Yana… I think they are nothing mócht say. Bizarre.”

A friend of Yana says that the blonde is known for unrest to cause. “In fact, this was to be expected. Yana does everything for attention and kicks to fight fire. Recently, she went to a nightclub Rosanna and Niels, that couple from the previous ‘Temptation’-season. And what was she doing? She hung up all the time around Niels and called him kirrend ‘her temptation’. Purely to disagreement to conflict between the two.”

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