Ryan Seacrest presents rodelopershow despite allegations

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Despite allegations of sexual abuse to his address, presents Ryan Seacrest the rodelopershow of the Oscars on channel E!

Ryan Seacrest

A former stylist of the presenter is accusing him of being inappropriate to have worn in the time that they worked for him. He would bring her under more have felt and his cross against her have aangewreven. NBC, the parent company of channel E!, let say that an independent party investigate the allegations. The commission found insufficient evidence against Seacrest, who also as a producer working for E!.

Monday got the woman with her story to Variety. She believes that the research is not thoroughly done. Ryan’s lawyer, reacted furiously to the new statements, and claims that the stylist in the first instance, 15 million of Seacrest demanded, under the threat that they are to the media. NBC dropped after the publication of Variety know that it is behind the research. The presenter responded: “I am vrijgepleit of any form of misconduct, and have the case behind me.”

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