Robbie Williams was on the verge of death

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Robbie Williams struggling for years with psychological problems. The singer says in interview with The Sun that he is ’a disease in his head’ that he wants to ’kill’. “I must always watch,” said the 44-year-old Briton, who, during his life several times close to death.

“Sometimes it overwhelms me and sometimes I need to be on stage to come,” says Robbie, who is to say that also many happy and peaceful moments. “But usually I’m just a man, who is trying to deal with what is between his ears playing.”

By drugs and alcohol played Robbie, who in addition to psychological problems, also struggled with things like stage fright and his weight, with his life. “The things that I myself have done… I’m close to finished,” says Robbie about the death. “It is so very close.”

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