Research promotion chief Juncker

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BRUSSELS – The European Parliament, shall establish an investigation in to the promotion of the chief of staff to European commission President Jean Claude Juncker. Martin Selmayr was last week, secretary-general of the daily EU directors appointed, according to the critics, in a shadowy way.

Martin Selmayr

The 47-year-old Selmayr had applied for the post of assistant secretary-general. But Juncker pushed the German to the highest administrative post, when he was a week ago announced that the Dutchman Alexander Italianer that place on march 1, is leaving as he retires.

Other members of the European Commission were apparently surprised by the appointment, says Mep Dennis de Jong. He had, together with the green group in the parliament to a research. By support from the social democrats and conservatives voted with a majority of the begrotingscontrolecommissie in.

The European Commission says that the rules are followed in the appointment of Selmayr.

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