Qmusic-dj Stephan Bouwman in tears to depression

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Qmusic-dj Stephan Bouwman has Wednesday afternoon in his radio program openly known that he struggles with depression. “It’s just not good with me. It just sucks,” he said crying in the broadcast.

Stephan Bouwman

The dj felt almost mandatory to have this with his listeners to share. “Because there are many people who, just like me, everyday really feel alone and lonely. And despite the fact that you are surrounded by people, and it doesn’t take off.”

Bouwman explained that he a little voice in his head that the last days harder. “If I look in the mirror, then it says-ie how ugly I am and when I do something-ie very badly.” Stephan explained that he was always fair radio wants to make, but that it is now so bad with him that he can no longer and wants to pretend that it is all going well.

The dj is on a waiting list for professional help. “That means that there are so many people who need help, but that help can not get.” Stephan let you know quite a lot of comments have been emotional outpourings and thanks you all for that.

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