Q-dj open about depression: just Feel fucked

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Q-dj open about depression: just Feel fucked

Stephan Bouwman. / REUTERS

Q-music-dj Stephan Bouwman on the radio openly talked about his depression. The discjockey does that say to the taboo on the subject to break and to remain true to his listeners.

“I just feel like crap,” says Bouwman. “I have a little voice in my head and that little voice is sometimes very hard. And the last days he is very, very hard. That little voice, that tells me how ugly I am when I look in the mirror. And if I do something, then he finds that very bad. It can actually never be good.”

“I have promised to always be honest,” he explains further. “I have promised to real radio to create and to be myself. And it felt the last days like I’m not myself. If I were on the acting was.”

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Bouwman says that his depression manifested because he is the ‘retarded’ is taboo to break. “We dare to there with z’n all actually, not talking about it. But there must still, at a given moment, people stand up and be here to talk about it. That is to say: ‘you are not alone, even when you feel alone, you are not.’ I am on a waiting list for professional help. That means that there are now so many people who need help, but not him.”

The story was strong support, because the app Q-Music was during and just after the story is full of statements to the address of the dj, who is also known, is a participation in The Voice of Holland.

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