Premier lures tipgevers with mountain of cash

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BRATISLAVA – The murder of a journalist who is about the misuse of EU money and the ties between Slovak politicians and the notorious Italian ’Ndrangheta-mafia has written, holds Europe in its grip. Europol is involved in it, and the Slovak prime minister Robert Fico praises in Bratislava a reward of one million euros – just to cash – out for the golden tip, but according to the critics, would be Sea party itself is sometimes complicit.

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The Slovak prime minister Robert Fico, together with police chief Tibor Gaspar (left).

The Slovak investigative journalist, Jan Kuciak (27) was last weekend along with his wife, shot to death in their home. The murder has all the characteristics of a settlement. Kuciak wrote previously about the Panama papers, but even more spectacular was an article about links between Italian mafia and high-ranking Slovak politicians.

That politicians exploit European-based auxiliary funds, according to an article that Kuciak wanted to publish. That article was not yet finished. Slovak media have yet published. Many journalists say that the authorities do not need to look: the murder had to do with the ties between the senior politicians from Eastern Slovakia, and the ’Ndrangheta-gang, the most notorious maffiagroepering of Italy.


The opposition hint out that Robert Fico’s political party involved could be for the murder. So is Maria Toroskova, major advisor from Fico, called in the research of the maffiabanden. Today, anti-corruptieprotesten planned in Bratislava.

A woman lays flowers at the portrait of the murdered journalist.

“Stop with the mention of innocent people, without any proof, in a double murder,” said Fico on the allegations about his Sea-party. “That’s going too far. It is not funny.” Self counterde the populist Fico, the allegations by his weight behind the moordonderzoek: he praises one million euros for the golden tip. At a press conference where he cash banknotes.

The banknotes were actually well-protected.

The police confirm that the death of Kuciak most likely has to do with his publication about the Italian mafia. Onderzoekschef Tibor Gaspar asks journalists to nothing about the research to bring out. “How can we do our work, as well as people who might be involved, are warned?”, says Gaspar told the BBC.

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