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Peter Callahan is approaching in Boston, the Belgian record of Christophe Impens on the mile

Peter Callahan is in Boston near the Belgian indoorrecord on the mile come. In 2016 to Belgian naturalized American klokte 3’55”77, or the tenth the longest. The national record stands for 21 years, and in the name of Christophe Impens, who was then in Ghent 3’54”13 ran.

The strong time of Callahan delivered him in Boston-the third place. The profit was for the American Izaic Yorks in 3’53”40. The chrono of Callahan means globally the best atletiekprestatie of a Belgian man in 2018, but he was still not a single 1,500 metres this season and did so not for the world cup indoor that Thursday in the English Birmingham.

Callahan found himself in 2016 in his first international tournament for Belgium in the final of the 1,500 metres at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Amsterdam. Since then, he knew not for a second tournament to qualify.

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